Our Mission

The Wage Justice Center fights for economic justice in California’s working communities. We represent low-income workers facing wage theft. We specialize in piercing corporate shell games to hold businesses accountable when they steal workers’ wages. We leverage this expertise to empower workers to exercise their rights and improve their working conditions.

Our Challenge


Wage theft is when employers do not pay workers according to the law. 

Examples of wage theft:

  1. Not paying at all
  2. Paying below minimum wage
  3. Not paying overtime
  4. Not allowing workers to take meal and rest breaks
  5. Not paying for required sick leave or taking workers’ tips
  6. Paying employees with invalid checks with insufficient funds
  7. Breaking promises to pay at a later date or forcing employees to record fewer hours than actually worked.

Los Angeles is the wage theft capital of the U.S.

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Our Services

Legal Assistance

Day Laborer Project

Community Education

The Wage Justice Center directly represents workers in legal cases fighting wage theft, including judgment enforcement and post-judgment litigation.

The Wage Justice Center provides legal services to day laborers by recording mechanic’s liens, litigating cases and applying other specialized construction law remedies to collect unpaid wages.

The Wage Justice Center educates workers, volunteers and advocates on the rights, strategies and best practices to collect unpaid wages.