Wage Justice Center Encourages Municipalities to Protect Themselves from Unscrupulous Contractors & to Help Prevent Wage Theft

September 2019, the Wage Justice Center wrote a white paper “Finding a Better Contractor: How Municipalities in the San Gabriel Valley Can Protect Themselves & Help Prevent Wage Theft Through the Contracting Process” and sent them to city attorneys in the San Gabriel Valley.

The Wage Justice Center has encountered many incidents in which local governments unintentionally contracted with companies that had outstanding wage judgments from the California Labor Commissioner. In one case, a contractor convicted of multiple violations of wage theft had ongoing contracts with several cities in Los Angeles County’s San Gabriel Valley, despite owing tens of thousands of dollars in stolen wages.

This white paper identifies best practices that local governments can use to protect themselves and workers by uncovering contractor abuses, without altering the underlying independent contracting relationship.

Read the white paper here: Municipal Subcontracting in the SGV

The Wage Justice Center thanks Laura Adler, PhD Candidate in Sociology at Harvard University; Sandy Garcia, JD Candidate at UC Davis School of Law; and Mario Valdivia, JD Candidate at Rutgers Law for their help in producing this white paper. For any questions or comments, please contact Victoria Yee at victoria@wagejustice.org.