Our Team

The Wage Justice Center’s team is comprised of dedicated attorneys, legal workers, law students, and organizers. Pro bono attorneys and law school students support our work with volunteer hours. Please contact us if you are interested in helping fight for wage justice.

Our current staff and volunteers include:

Ana Cisneros Alvarez
Executive Director & Legal Director

Jan Collatz
Staff Attorney

Jessica Guerrero
Asset Investigator

Tania Millan
Director of Finance and Administration

In 2007, Wage Justice Center was founded by Matthew Sirolly and Melvin Yee with seed funding from Echoing Green. But the need for the Wage Justice Center was identified much earlier. In 2004, Matt & Melvin were law school students at USC Gould School of Law. They witnessed the frustration of workers who had not been paid despite performing the work – and the greater frustration of workers who “won” wage theft judgments that went perennially unenforced.

Over the last 13 years, The Wage Justice Center has inspired a movement of social justice activists dedicated to bringing basic justice to workers.

The Wage Justice Center has acquired an specialized expertise in using commercial collections law on behalf of workers.

We’re proud to list our Wage Justice Center Staff/Volunteer Alumni:

Fahran Ali
Renée Amador
Michael Barar
Nina Baumler
Rosanne Bonee
Kevin Breslin
Rosie Brown
Stephenie Chen
Yifan Chen
Ashley Cruz
Rachel Diggs
Neidi Dominguez
Oscar Espino-Padron
Andrés Gallego
Sandy Garcia
Yvonne Garcia Medrano
Nicole Grinstein
Rik Jeffrey
Daniela Hernandez
Gina Hong
Olivia Hudnut
Kevin Kilroy
Kevin Lam
Sunny Le
Di Li
Anabel Merino
Marcos Nieves
Esperanza Palomera
Eriberto Ramirez
Kristina Ramos
Zachary Ritter
Paulette Rodriguez Lopez
Mario Valdivia
Trevor Wong
Siquan Wu
Victoria Yee

And of course our beloved founders, Matt Sirolly & Melvin Yee!

We’ve just started listing alumni – if you are an alumni who is not listed, please email info@wagejustice.org and we’ll update our list.